Saturday, June 4, 2011

Zig don't zag

Welcome to a brand new day! 

You know what this means, right?  You're getting closer to success and your goal.

Today's topic is hard for some people to swallow.  It's choosing to zig when everybody else is choosing to zag.  It boils down to not following the crowd.  To get what you want you need to be different, why?  Well ask yourself with everything you've done up to this point do you have exactly what you want?  If you answered yes, good for you.
It's about choosing to react differently than everybody else, picking different habits than your friends and breaking away from the crowd.  Let me give you some simple examples of what I mean:


-When everybody is choosing to be angry, you can always smile.

- When everybody is complaining about things they cannot change, you choose to talk and focus on the things you are able to change.


-When your friends go out every weekend, you can decide every now and then to stay in to catch up on the latest books and articles associated with your goals or industry.

-While people are talking about the latest episode of "SURVIVOR", your talking to a different crowd about something more constructive.

-When everybody takes a lunch breaks for 45-60 minutes, you break for 10 min. and work right through lunch.

I need you to come to the realization today that your habits are not written in stone.  Look at a habit you are doing today and ask yourself,  "is this a lazy habit?".  Could this be replaced with something more constructive?
I know this may not make you very popular with your friends and co-workers, but when you hit your goal and get to the top EVERYBODY WILL THINK OF YOU.  Your doing this to be successful!!!

Today can be your test

Go out and buy THINK AND GROW RICH, this book is about $12
And while everybody is going out tonight getting ready for tomorrows hangover, you start reading this book.

Have a good weekend!  :-)

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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