Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who do you see yourself as?

Have you been trying to achieve something for more than a year with absolutely no progress?  You seem to get ahead just a bit only to resort back to your old habits and you slowly slip back into your way of life.
I bet you are like the majority of people, you go after that goal with everything you've got, except for the secret ingredient, yourself!  Until you SEE YOURSELF as the person you need to become it will be very difficult to get where you need to be.

Here is Mary's story.

Mary is a woman 39 years old and has simply fallen into a rut.  She was a star in school on the soccer team and everybody wanted to be her.  A beautiful girl, slim and fit she killed it everywhere she went.  In her 20's as she matured she wanted more out of life.  An amazing career, a personal trainer and a photo shoot.  Mary had it all in her mind, total success.
Fast forward to last year, Mary has now put on an extra 40lbs, without really realizing it.  The weight from snacking and months missed at the gym have finally gotten to her.
This has led Mary to yo-yo dieting, her pounds come off then they go back on.  Mary now has a goal to lose those 40lbs in exactly 6 months to the day.  And she outlined everything she will do.

1.  Hit the gym 4 days a week, along with 2 hardcore cardio classes
2.  Eat clean 6 days a week, and have the 7th day for "fun foods and wine".
3.  And dammit, she will fit into that dress that hangs in her closet.

For three weeks she hits the gym intensely only to find herself procrastinating and missing those great workouts.  It makes her so frustrated.  Everyday she looks in the mirror telling herself she's fat and the weight just won't come off.

Let's stop the story right there, read the last sentence. 
Everyday she looks in the mirror telling herself she's fat and the weight just won't come off.

As you can see she does not see herself as someone who is in great shape and losing weight.  She sees herself most of the time as fat and having difficulty losing weight. 

This story is all too common, people dedicate themselves, yet never dedicate there minds to who they need to become in the process.  You must act, breath and see who you need to become along with the goal you are trying to achieve.

If your trying to lose weight, see yourself as a person who is losing weight, act like someone who is getting in shape, feeling like someone who has lost 40lbs.  I hope this sinks in, it is vital to your progress in reaching the top of your game.

Today's action:

Write down how you will act, feel and be once you reach your goal.  Once you've got it down on paper start immediately to transform into that person. 

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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