Thursday, August 30, 2012

You are the best!

Ever have an amazing day where everything seemed to go your way?  You label yourself:
These labels empower you to become better and you know as well as I do you love this feeling.  Then comes the day when you get knocked down and you are so quick to feel sorry for yourself and label yourself as: NOT WORTHY, LOSER, DEPRESSED, SAD, DEFEATED.

All the negative labels you give yourself are truly hurting your chances at success.  The label you give yourself will impact how you feel the rest of your day, week, month and year so always make sure to label yourself positively and not just on a temporary feeling.
The results you want in life must match the person you see yourself as, so if you see yourself in a negative way you are sure to only get negative results.
I want you to start writing out on a cue card a few positive labels that you can repeat to yourself daily.  The more you repeat to yourself what you want to be the more your mind will associate and begin to believe what you tell yourself.  This is exactly how you train your brain to see the world and yourself in a better way.

Stay motivated
Shane C

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fear is not so bad

I was in WAL-MART on the weekend and I seen something that really freaked me out.  It wasn't dangerous neither was it harmful it was simply a video camera.  Why was I afraid? Because I've mentioned several times that I want this blog to incorporate video of myself as a vlog.  The very thought of putting myself on camera scares me and it seems I can't bring myself to do it.
Then I started thinking over the last year, and I've faced so many of my fears including the gut wrenching almost passing out fear of finally starting my public speaking career.  It doesn't matter how afraid I've been to try something out I've always ended up extremely satisfied when I finally faced my fears.
There is one thing I truly hate about fear and that is the 100% regret looking back on how long it's held me back from succeeding at something I was to afraid to try.
Not all fear is a bad thing, we need to have a little healthy fear to drive us to do something.  It scares us simply because of our belief that something will harm us (which is usually false).  Many performers still get stage fright even after getting up on stage for decades. 
I recently seen an interview with Ringo Starr of The Beatles who said minutes before jumping on stage his fear makes him what to go back to his hotel room and hide under the covers.  Then he simply pushes through and feels that if those few minutes of fear were not there that he could not have a good performance.
This fear keeps us on our toes and acts as a bully, trying to push us around with intimidation.  It's up to us to conquer it because nobody can do it but our own self.

I never did buy the camera, but I have it all planned for the second week of September to finally go get it.  I will face yet another fear because I'm reminded of everything I have missed out on by not starting months ago.  The pain of regret is something I choose to not live with much longer, I hope you will do the same.

Stay motivated
Shane C

Monday, August 27, 2012

Comfort zone

Have you ever wondered what a comfort zone is?

People are always talking about leaving your comfort zone to achieve greatness in life.  A comfort zone can be compared the same way the temperature in your home is regulated.  Lets' say for example you set your home to be at 70F and over the next few hours I lowered the heat by small increments making the room colder.  You would feel a slight discomfort and go and re-adjust the heat. Why?
Because you want a feeling of comfort, it's what you are use to.  You always try and get back to that safe feeling even when you are not in trouble.
The same would happen if I were to turn the heat up, you would turn the temperature down to the level you expect.
In life when we feel a little low we try anything to get back to our level of comfort.  Same for success, when we start feeling a sense of success we get scared and sabotage ourselves with destructive behaviours to bring ourselves back down to our expected feeling of comfort.  It seems at some point in our lives we've accepted our situation whatever it may be and we choose to no longer progress.

You may have had an idea that you wanted more out of life (like on NEW YEARS EVE).  So you start doing things a little bit differently and before you know it you are back complaining about where you are in life.
The key to changing is small changes in body language, vocabulary and daily routine (There are more but get these down first)

BODY LANGUAGE- You need to face the day with your shoulders back and your chin up.  Walk with a purpose and become what a successful person looks like. When was the last time you seen success with slouched shoulders and  a head hanging low?

VOCABULARY- When speaking, talk about what you want to do, what you are doing and where you are heading.  Remove the words (HATE, CAN'T and TIRED)  you may need to carry an index card to remind you of power words such as (I CAN, YES, I LIKE) amongst many others.

DAILY ROUTINES- We make huge mistakes with this, we watch the news, we wake up late and we gossip.  I'm guilty of spending 2 hours watching YOUTUBE videos that have nothing to do with anything.  I needed to do a little self inventory to figure this out.  You may need to monitor you own behaviour and ask yourself what parts of your routine are holding you back.

If you want to benefit from a new comfort zone you must have a higher expectation of yourself and pick up these key habits of better BODY LANGUAGE, better VOCABULARY and last but not least you need a better DAILY ROUTINE.  By doing this over the next few weeks you come to expect a better version of yourself and achieve success much quicker.

Stay motivated
Shane C

Sunday, August 26, 2012

4 ideas for motivations

This past week I was fortunate enough to attend a great conference allowing me to network with some amazing positive people.  It was 6 days of non- stop events that really got me excited.  Yet on the last day everyone left, I was alone and a little lonely.  As I was walking up to my room something clicked, I needed to get motivated again to peruse my passions.

I sat down at the desk in my hotel room with a paper and a pen and started writing, I wrote for about 45 minutes, then I read it.  It was something I  had written many times but this time it was different.  The paper was filled with one of my favorite motivation techniques.  I wrote out my life story in present tense, everything I wanted I had it on paper, everything I wanted to do it was right there on paper.

I use several things to motivate myself but for me writing out exactly what I want in the form of a story is my favorite.  Here are a few key motivators you may find extremely useful when you hit the wall and feel unsuccessful and unmotivated.

1.  WRITE OUT YOUR STORY- As stated above write out everything you want out of life, no rules do not use your past as an excuse for not writing something.  You have imagination, now use it!

2.  VISION BOARD- Vision boards have helped me attain things I never thought were possible.  Grab some magazines, newspapers or print some pictures off the Internet.  Cut out pictures and words and glue them on a piece of cardboard, remember to use images that stimulate positive ideas.  Post your vision board somewhere you see it often.  I used a different technique, I would sit at my kitchen table looking at the board for 10 minutes daily at the beginning of my day.

3.  SEEK OUT- Know exactly what you want then go find anything associated with it.  If your dream is to have the greatest physique, attend bodybuilding and fitness shows to get you pumped up.  Speak to people who are in the area of interest you are seeking out.  When you put yourself on the front lines of excitement it really gets you motivated to become what you see.

4.  CLEAR YOUR MIND- I like to clear my mind by going on a walk, and listening to music that makes me forget about anything negative.  I've used meditation, exercise or going to see a movies.  Clear your mind of those self limiting thoughts and you will be right back on your game.

There are several ways to get yourself highly motivated, we are all different and respond differently to different techniques.  Key is have fun and get happy and this will bring the highest motivation out of you.
If you need more ideas email me at

Stay motivated
Shane C

Saturday, August 25, 2012

You have passion no one can take

Always go after what you love.

Do you have a career, a major goal or a hobby you are passionate about but people around you keep trying to drag you away from it?  It can often feel like you are doing the wrong thing when everyone close to you is telling you that you should stop doing what you love.
The sad fact is people will always try and fit you into their mold so it's more comfortable for them.  That is NOT how you should live your life you must create your own mold and constantly reshape into whatever you want. It doesn't matter how much you remove yourself from what you care about, because in the end you always return to what you love doing.

In the last 20 years I've developed a huge passion for being a DJ, I love to play music and perform for crowds it makes my heart pound.  But along the way I have had some really close people whom I trusted, try and drive me away from it.  I never listened to them, I knew what I've always loved doing and I've never fully stepped away from that passion.  On occasion I've found myself practicing for 8 hours straight not even realizing the time has flown by. 

I have allowed my critics to be my biggest motivators, when someone tries to bring my passion down, I get better then I seek out 5 people who appreciate what I do.  Do the same in your life, get hungry and get better at everything you love doing even if everyone thinks you will crash and burn.  It isn't their passion it's yours.
Take your career, goal or hobby and step it up, get better never stop doing what you love because whatever it is you dream to be the best at is always going to try and bubble to the surface.

Stay motivated
Shane C

Friday, August 24, 2012

That one thing sleeping inside of you

You have something deep inside of you just waiting to get out.

I was awoken this morning by my two dogs, they were sleeping then all of a sudden they started running around, whining and growling.  They wanted out for their morning walk and sure enough they needed to wake me up.  As I was walking them I thought we have something deep inside us just waiting to get out.  It's our dreams and once released...WATCH OUT!

It seems that for the last 2-3 months I have put my dreams and goals on hold, I put them to sleep you could say.  Then very recently I started talking to someone who's energy and passion woke up something inside of me, and it's freaking me out because everything I had been lazy about is now alert, telling me:
"Come on!  Let's do this!"
I love the feeling I'm more energetic to reach my goals and I'm just a little annoyed with myself for putting them on hold for so long.

Inside of you right at this moment is something sleeping, the dream of a business, relationship or an opportunity, whatever it is it could just take a small trigger to get it activated again.  For me it's a person, for you it could simply be watching something inspirational, reading a quote or even seeing a sign that keeps coming to you.
Just know you are not doomed you just need that one thing to get you going again.  Start reading, hang out with better people and fill your mind with positive messages as much as you can.

Just like my 2 dogs who wake me every morning, going crazy to get out for their walk, soon it will be your dream waking you up and getting you up on your feet and you will see how great of a feeling it is.

Shane C
Stay motivated