Sunday, October 2, 2011

A new beginning

It's funny where I get inspiration for some blogs I write.  Today's blog came from looking at a bottle of body wash in the shower.  You see, I really like the smell of this body wash and every time it's used the end gets closer and that makes me a little sad, pathetic isn't it? Then I started to think and got excited.  

"I get to go buy a brand new bottle!!"

There are two ways you can look at things, you either look at it as an ending or a brand new beginning.  When we have something we really enjoy it's not fun when it's gone but we must know that if we had fun and enjoyment with something, we are capable of feeling that all over again.  This goes for BIG things in your life and also the small things like my bottle of body wash.

Think of some simple things in life that bring you down when they come to an end:

-The weekend
-Your favorite song on the radio
-When your best friend has to leave
-Your bag of chips in the pantry
-The gas in the gas tank of your car

These are all simple things in life that always work themselves out but at the moment they end it can feel like the end of the world doesn't it?

New beginnings, should be something to get totally excited about.  If your sad about a vacation or the weekend being over know that fun times are not that far away.   Every week the weekend comes back and so does the anticipation for the weekend...That's exciting!

So start looking at beginnings as oppose to sad endings, sure things end but things always begin too.  Which is more exciting?
Beginnings or endings....

Stay motivated
Shane C.

ps- Super excited to go buy more body wash ;-)


  1. don't really like endings either, but without them there would be no beginnings

  2. I hate getting to the end as well, but it's makes it feel good that when you buy the new bottle you can have a new smell. :)