Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look at your life for a second.

Does it feel like there are to many small things in your life to cope with all the big things?

That's because your putting  all the small things in life ahead of the big things in life.
How do you distinguish the difference between the big things and the small things?  The small things are usually wants the BIG things are usually needs

Want- Something you can live without.  When you get a want you often regret it down the road of life, it always gets in the way of a need.

Need- Something you require.  When you get a need you feel as if your regretting it because it comes in the way of your wants.  Yet you never regret getting your need down the road of life.

Here is a prospective of how to look at your life.

Put your BIG things before your small things.  Soon enough, you won't have as much time for the small things in life once you start to be grateful for all the BIG things your life has to offer.

The exercise in the following video will explain this more clearly.  Once you watch it, the time will come to review your life's priorities:

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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