Monday, October 17, 2011


The choices you make determine your destiny.

Every minutes of everyday you have choices to make about everything to do. How you react to a situation to what you will eat and even more difficult decisions like financial planning are all part of decision making.
Every decision made will affect you long term towards shaping the rest of your life.  Every single tiny choice you make affects your long term success or failures. 
To effectively narrow down your choices in life you must ask yourself two simple questions.

1.  What am I trying to accomplish?
2.  What is the best use of my time?

This really can get you to the right answer for some of the following decisions:
-People you associate with.
-How you handle your health.
-What you choose to learn.
-What to buy.
And any other day-to-day questions you ask yourself.

Something as simple as associating with a person who guides you in a self destructing path may make you feel great in the short term, yet down the road you will live to regret the choice you made if you don't ask yourself those two important questions:

What am I trying to accomplish?
What is the best use of my time?

Have fun making those decisions, they affect everything!

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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