Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enjoy your enemies

Turning a negative into a positive can be life changing.

An enemy can be a crucial thing in your life.  To me a friend reassures us of where we are in life yet an enemy can help you achieve the meaning of the quote:

"The best revenge is success"

Many years ago I made a comment while watching a television show on "The fear of flying" about how much I enjoyed flying, I explained in detail what I loved about it.  I had maybe been on 2-3 planes at that time, and when I made my "expert" comments on flying, this person said to me:
"Ooohhh! You're such an expert on flying", implying I hadn't been on very many flights.  They were right I hadn't been in the sky that often.
Yet in that moment I made a decision out of anger, I was going to prove them wrong and I was going to get my revenge.
Since then, I have been on many flights and even given this same person advice on what to do in the face of anxiety when it comes to flying.  In the future as part of my goal list I have put down lots of travel all because of their comment that night.

When an enemy angers you, copy down their words on paper, and use what they said every time you feel down and out and want to stop trying. Get your revenge in non malicious ways and use "eye rolls" and their laughter at you to become better.

I have so many little quotes that people have told me in an attempt to embarrass me, and they didn't even realizee it at the time that they are only giving me fuel to climb the ladder of success.  I want you to listen to what an enemy tells you, write down the words and present it to them when you reach the top.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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