Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bedtime Thought Blast!!!!

Bedtime Thought Blast!!!!

Every book, every seminar and every audio I have ever listen to has explained the importance of visualization to achieve what you want in life.  It took me quit a bit of practice but once mastered I have achieved some pretty amazing things.  My last visualization has helped me move across the country and put me on a journey I won't soon forget.

Visualizing what you want in life is pretty easy, I'm not going to deny this but what is difficult is when life hands you things you don't want to deal with.  Negativity, anger and frustration this come in all kinds of forms each and everyday.  When these little annoyances take over your mind it can
seem absolutely hopeless to get back on track to your big goals and dreams.  I recently started using a new little trick that helps me sleep at night and gets me to realize that tomorrow is a brand new day.

At bedtime, it seems like hundred little things run through our mind that have annoyed us through out the day. It could be your boss or something that happened in traffic our mind just can't let go.  Before falling asleep we tend to run the scenario in our head over and over and it affects our sleep and can't get us to relax. 

What I want you to do right before falling asleep is take every single annoyance from the day and put them in an imaginary box in your head.   And picture yourself walking away from the box and hiding behind a safety glass abut 20 feet away from the box.  Why are you hiding?  Because there is a detonator for the dynamite inside the box that holds your negative thoughts from the day.
Push down on the handle and watch the box and your negative thoughts completely explode and disappear allowing you to get to sleep thought free.  This concept may seem a little silly but believe me when your mind is filled with annoying thoughts of negativity visualizing the pulverization of them is quite therapeutic.

Your goal of doing this activity is to teach you that at bedtime you are preparing for a brand new day  and a world of possibilities brought on by the sunrise that is only a sleep away. Are you ready for a better life and a better sleep?  If so blow up those thoughts at the end of each and everyday.

Stay motivated
Shane Chartrand

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