Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Start Lying to Yourself

My friend Murphy

A little under year ago my life took a turn towards something very negative.  This negativity seemed to happen when my life was at an all time high.  Murphy's Law came knocking at my door, when all seems right something is sure to go wrong.
I have to admit I'm 100% guilty of welcoming my friend Murphy to my door, with everything going right I would constantly tell myself each and every single day that what could go wrong with my situation was probably about to happen, and slowly but surely it did.

Why did this happen?

You see your actions in life follow your beliefs.  What your doing right now you are probably doing because you've told yourself time and time again that that is exactly what you should be doing or worse, not doing.  Slowly but surely whatever you truly believe you will start to do.  With me, I believed negativity was about to strike at any moment and my mind pretty much seeked out anything that would reassure me of my belief.

What did I do?

After my life seemed to fall apart, I knew for a fact I couldn't accept my negative beliefs anymore.  I needed a new set of beliefs to follow and I did what I have done hundreds of time before, I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and started writing down my NEW beliefs.  I basically wrote down a bunch of lies. I call them lies because in that moment I didn't believe I could ever believe what I was writing down.  It was a bunch things I would think about myself and things I was going to do. Everyday for almost a year I have read these lies and written down them over and over again.

Why did I do that?

I did it because I needed to tell myself a new story, a new direction n which my life was about to go. Sometimes we get all caught up in negative lies we tell ourselves and with that we often live out negative feelings and actions we don't like.

Why do I call them lies?

Positive or negative, our thoughts are lies, there are no truths to them.  I say this because everyone has their own version of why they think what they think.  And if you explain to anyone why you think what you think someone is always sure to have advice for you why you shouldn't think the thoughts you think.

What am I suggesting for you?

I suggest if you don't like your life right now, rewrite it.  It's simple, a piece of paper and a pen and start writing:

-A day by day fake journal of what you want
-What your ideal career looks like
-How you want to feel
-What you want
-etc...(no rules, just dream)

It doesn't matter what you write just write down positive stuff and read it often you'll start to believe it.  And once you start to believe it you will eventually act in a way that matches exactly the thoughts (lies) you tell yourself.  And it all started with a pen and a piece of paper.

Your life is the story you tell yourself.

Stay healthy and stay motivated
Shane Chartrand

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