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Secret To Success!

Secret To Success!

The secret to success is something that people would pay huge amounts of money for.  People looking for the key to riches, whether I money, happiness or freedom.  I've studied success and personal development and even psychology for many years. These are things I am highly passionate about.  I am by no means a certified expert with diplomas hanging on the wall, I'm just a guy who knows a lot on these subjects. Through my studies and life experience I have found the keys to success that keep coming up time and time again in the subjects I have learned.  Here are some of the keys to success:


We all have things we are extremely good at doing.  Ask yourself what are you good at doing?  Is it cooking, inspiring or even telling jokes.  Whatever it may be that you are good at, you became good by doing it over and over again you have experience in doing these things so why not capitalize on them?
Myself, I've always been good in the art of entertainment.  I have perused speaking and writing, am I the best at what I do?  Not yet, but I will develop into one of the top in my field through practice.


It is said an overnight success is built over 10-20 years so I'm sorry to break the news to you but there is no such thing as an overnight success.  Sure there are things that happen to people that make them rich overnight and puts them in the spotlight so fast it turns heads but there is always a catch. The catch is the quicker things come to you the quicker they can disappear.
You must develop into a person who can handle the success you are given through the right self image. Seeing yourself, thinking of yourself and acting the way a successful person should think. If you fail to do so you will lose it all resorting back to the way you've always acted, thought and seen yourself, which have brought you to where you are right now.
Think of people who win the lottery and within a year or two lose everything.  Why does this happen?  The right habits an mindset have not been developed to handle the fame and fortune handed to them.


Your daily routines have turned you into who you are today.  You have made decisions to either do things or not do things and this is why you are exactly where you are right now at this time of reading this blog.
Ask yourself what is it you really want to do with your life?  Now that you have the answer ask yourself would someone at the level of life you are seeking doing exactly what you are doing with your days?
I know you probably said no and the excuses flooded your mind as to why you can't do the routines it would take to excel to a level of success you are seeking.  This is completely normal to think this way.  Let me put it into prospective for you, everyday you allow yourself to put off a constructive habit is one day closer to you complaining that things haven't gone your way in life. 
Start with one or two habits you want to substitute for destructive habits you are presently doing that are holding you back.

There are so many secrets to success in life the problem is these secrets are not things that we want to do.  That is the secret, it takes self discipline, motivation and the will to carry on when you are beat down and nothing seems like it is going right.  Work through it and keep your goal ahead of you.  You must reach and stretch yourself out to limits you won't enjoy doing but the pay off is huge in the end.

This is the secret to success

Stay motivated
Shane Chartrand

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