Friday, February 1, 2013



The good thing about getting excited is it gives you an amazing burst of energy.  It's like nothing you have ever felt before and it helps you accomplish more than you have ever accomplished before.
A feeling of excitement also give you a clear mind to think of all the possibilities why and how you can do anything to achieve your dreams in life. 

This morning I woke up extremely excited to start the day and the weekend!  I don't have any plans but I know my mind is clear enough to plan the rest of my month out.  And this my friends is a great feeling.  My feeling of excitement has come over me because all the hard work I have been doing is finally paying off.  It is so easy to complain about doing all the day-to-day activities that get us ahead of the game while the rest of our friends are sitting around whining and being lazy but it's days like today (for me) that I realize how good I've got it.

Here is a simple list of things you can do that will get you ahead of the crowd and get you excited knowing you have accomplished them in your life while the rest are sitting around being lazy.

- Drink more water
-Eat better foods
-Exercise 3-4 days per week
-Work from a list so you get your tasks done
-Read 5 days per week related to your field of work (minimum 15 minutes per day)
-Prepare at night for the next day

Once you can get these activities in your life, our world gets exciting knowing you are getting ahead.  Slowly you will have accomplished your goals doing all the simple things in life that the majority of people have been putting off, and that is EXCITITNG!!!!

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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