Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Behind fear is something great

"If only I had done that, my life would be so different!"

How many times have you told yourself that?  How many times have you complained that if you had taken advantage of a certain opportunity, your life would be totally different?
You could have a totally different life if you had taken advantage of an opportunity that you avoided due to fear, and that my friends is a sobering thought.
I'm here to tell you it's not to late to change your life dramatically.  Face a fear and do what scares you, I'm not talking about skydiving (although that may apply), I'm talking about the small things that you believe you don't deserve to go for in life, the "things" you're afraid to try.

The things you look at with fear, thousands of others look at with excitement.  It's all about "how" you look at things.  Start looking for opportunity in fearful situations you are faced with.  Public speaking, flying and networking with others are just some things that we tend to fear that can hold us back from life changing moments.  Everything you choose to try has some kind of opportunity in it, it's all a matter of finding out what the opportunity is.

Next time you feel a fear of doing something, embrace that fear (as difficult as it seems) looking at fear as a guide taking you towards something great.  Once you conquer a fear, you will be hooked on conquering another fear.

Today's exercise:

1. In your journal write down 10 things you fear.
2. Choose 3 fears that you will overcome in the next 6 months.
3. Overcome them!  Face them, unless your fear is tigers, realize the fears don't bite :-)

An easy way to figure out which fear to overcome, is to write down all the opportunities you can have by conquering the fears on your list.  This will be a huge motivator.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

P.S.- If you asking why I haven't given you the rest of the steps on overcoming the 10 fears, it's simply because I want you to make the simple step of  beating 3 fears before proceeding.

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