Thursday, October 20, 2011

Top 6 YOUTUBE videos

Sometimes we fall on something that motivates us to the core.  In today's blog I add some of my personal favorite YOUTUBE videos that truly help motivate me as a speaker and as a blogger.  Hopefully they affect you to do something powerful with different aspects in your life. 

The first video is the amazing story of how Sylveste Stallone came to create Rocky.  I had no idea the struggle behind this movie and truly is a story of determination.

The man in the next video is regarded as the BIGGEST guru of personal development.  Jim Rohn has taught me and so many more how to become better, watch my favorite speaker talk about the day that can truly change your life.

The third video is truly powerful due to the raw emotion and transformation performed in front of an audience.  Whether you watch the following and focus on the relationship or the transformation it truly is an emotional video.

Here is the legendary Steve Jobs giving his legendary speech at Stanford.  Can you imagine being there watching live, this man has changed the world...So worth watching
Mr. Les Brown is a man who overcame the beliefs that often hold us back.  He shows you how to do the same, persistence pays off.

And here we are at my all time favorite video by Nick Vujicic.   Ask yourself, why are you giving excuses once you watch this.

Don't be ashamed if you shed a tear or two.  These videos are amazing and I hope they affected you to take action right now.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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