Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I decided

What you fear most in this world can keep you from fame and fortune. When you face your fear you overcome it very quickly.

I recently attended Toastmasters (a public speakers group) for the first time and I felt a little intimidated.  Fear wasn't the factor but more how I would be judged on my mistakes from people who had more experience than I did.  The more I sat in on the class and participated, the more I heard from people who had a paralysing fear of speaking yet they were doing it anyway.  Toastmasters is a very positive group of people who support each other in speaking, so it's a great organization to join.
As I left that night I made a decision, and that was to do what others did but much faster and better by using more focus.  Instead of taking 2 years to do my required "speeches" I'm deciding I will become the best and do it all in a shorter amount of time.

This sounds cocky and arrogant of me, yet it's a decision I have to make with myself so I can attain that goal.  I am prepared to mess up and look like a total idiot but I'm also prepared to win competitions in public speaking too, and I will do whatever it takes to become one of the best.

This is an attitude you will need to develop to get over your fears.  I speak a lot about fears that hold you back in life, because we never want to be held back.  We should never let those simple things hold us back anymore.  Pick your fear and resolve to become the absolute BEST at what you were once afraid of, dream big and face that fear. 

Stay motivated
Shane C

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