Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Investment in yourself

Everyday this blog is written, it is written with a purpose.  The main purpose is to inspire YOU to be great, the other reason is I must practice.  I must practice the art of writing daily if I want to excel at it. This is an easy way to get my ideas down and communication skills up for the books I plan to write.

This brings me to today's topic.  The topic I am discussing is being an investment in life.  You can choose to become an investment to others or simply be an expense, costing time and money to people and companies in your future. 
Becoming an investment needs to begin with an intense desire to want something in life.  Know what you want to become, then everyday work at it.  Learn, practice and use creative thinking before it is asked of you, that way when you are asked to preform in life you already know how from the learning you've developed.

Let me use "career" as an example.  If you want a career in politics and you presently work in a pizza restaurant use your free time to learn as much as you can about ever aspect of politics there is to know. Learning is so crucial for your future it gets you an advantage that cannot be achieved by luck or easy breaks.  Invest in yourself so a company will be pleased to invest in you in your future.

Career is just an easy example I've used.  The world is your oyster and there is so much knowledge for you to absorb.  Walk into a bookstore sometime and look around it's filled with knowledge.  Google a subject the Internet it's filled with knowledge.  YouTube a seminar or instructional video, that too is filled with knowledge.  It's up to you to take that "free time" to listen, watch and read this valuable information.

So ask yourself,
"Am I investing in my future, so someone will invest in me?"

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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