Saturday, November 5, 2011


There is a belief that some people have, that they must put everybody around them first.  Their priorities are to control the happiness and comfort of everyone around them at all times.  They lose sleep over satisfying others needs and run themselves ragged with a schedule filled with everyone else's chores, priorities and agendas.  Then they brag about how much they do in life.


They often break down, and break down hard crying that nobody cares and that they never give themselves time to enjoy their own life.  Does this sound like you or someone you know?  If so keep reading.

Somewhere in life you got a pat on the back for doing a great job for helping someone, and this brought you a feeling of pride and enjoyment.  This is normal, we all have the need for acknowledgement, this how are mind works.  Then you slowly started to look for that more and more by helping others, you slowly developed this habit and thrived (like a high) every time someone gave you praise for helping them.  The problem is you never found out when to slowdown and help yourself out because your self esteem is often to low you are unable you congratulate yourself on the great work your doing with your own life.

Eventually life stops patting you on the back and saying "Good job!".  Life and people around you have to much to do to constantly tell you that you are doing a great job in life.  You are the solution to your own happiness, only you can give yourself the right "Way to go!" on a daily basis.  Work on your self esteem and not others to feel better about yourself, because unfortunately people don't have time to hear about how you help everyone around you. 

People have only one care in the the world and that is themselves.  They do care if you can help them out, yet only to satisfy there own needs.  You must do the same for yourself, make yourself happy by being good to yourself.  Put yourself before everyone else in your life, or you will continuously feel like you are never caught up.  You must sit down and rethink your priorities, with a pen and paper.  Mark down what and who is important in your life and put yourself at the top, start making changes in your life.  Change is inevitable and must happen for growth. People around you and you included will hate change in the begging, yet with time the right people will stick around.

Helping yourself is the only way you can build strong relationships in your life.  I belief it was Jim Rohn (my favorite man to learn from) who said:
"Let me help me first so I can help us"
This quote says it all, you must help yourself.  If you don't help yourself you may end up overweight, sick, depressed being a burdon on those people you tried to help your whole life.....Do you want that??

Stay motivated
Shane C

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