Sunday, November 6, 2011

I have a test

Take a moment to look up from the screen and look around the room.  How many red things do you see?  Write it down, there is a test at the end.

Life gives you what you look for, you simply program your mind to find what it is you want to find and you will easily seek out those things.  This is what the "red things" test is for.
You may be about to email me saying that you tried this several times with no success.  You want to look for good things in life, opportunities and happiness yet it never works.  My answer to that is of course it doesn't work the first, second or third time, you must practice for days sometimes weeks.

If you want to find "good" in the world, you will.  You simply need a trusty old journal and a pen.  Carry it with you for a few days.  Write down at the top of the page what you are looking for, such as "people smiling".  As you walk around the first day you may only find one person smiling, but you must write it down.  The following day, when you get up you will be more pumped up to find these great people smiling, you may only find 3 people smiling.
After a week, you will be so excited to do this, you will start smiling at people just to get them to smile.  You will notice as time goes on you leave the journal at home and all you see around you is people happy because your smiling at them.

Everything takes a bit of time, but it's worth it when you put in work.  If you want your life to change for the better you must make life better.  It's easy right now to find only bad things in life when all your seeking is bad things, you pick up on them immediately.

Here is a task I gave someone who emailed me last week that I want you to do.  It's Sunday so it will be easy to do.  Go out and rent one of the following 3 movies:

-Happy Gilmore
-The 40 year old virgin
-White chicks

Take your journal and write down every time one of the actors sits down.  You will laugh through the whole movie, yet you will be programmed to only watch for people sitting.  It's a great exercise to do on a Sunday, why not try it.

So this week find out what you want to look for and go and find it, don't forget your journal.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

Ok, so only look at the paper you wrote the red things on.  How many things in the room had rounded edges?  See, you didn't focus on rounded edges, so you don't know the answer!

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