Friday, November 11, 2011

Do it!

What do you regret not trying in your life?

Once you've answered, your ready to read the rest of this blog.  Regret is a horrible feeling, it's almost like a weakness.  You talk constantly talk about how things could be when you regret something.

Next time you are faced with a fear you should think about what you can gain by facing that fear.  Just look at what can be accomplished if only you did that one little thing that scares you.  We also have big fears, just think what you can accomplish if you face the bigger fears that lie in your head. 

Sometimes it's easy to look to the negatives that could happen by facing your fear, this is normal but is it real?  More that likely not, your head is simply filled with horrible stories that have happened in the past to a couple of people. You are not those couple of people though.  You are you, and you are amazing! 

Look to what you want so you don't live in regret.  Regret is a sad feeling, that gets you in a negative state of mind.  Winning is a much better feeling.  Keep asking yourself, do I want to feel good about accomplishing things in life or do I want to continually talk about what could have been.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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