Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free up some time

Some days do you wake and you feel that you've got so much to do that you may not have anytime for yourself?  Your days are filled with work, running around, cooking, cleaning and endless tasks that keep you exhausted and complaining.
I'd like you to think of your 24 hours everyday like your bedroom closet.  If you walk up to your closet and open the door you will probably find boxes, old clothes you think are still useful to you and clothing you presently wear.  You will also find junk that you threw in there expecting one day that it will become useful again.  It's an overfilled mess that could be re-organized.

Like the overfilled closet, your day can also be re-organized.  If I look at your day you may notice it's filled with activities that no longer serve you any purpose.  You may feel the your activities are important but ask yourself:

"I'm I totally satisfied with my life?"

Are you beginning to understand?  Learn to fill your day with activities that are useful, start looking at everything you do as opportunities to become more effective. Work, family time, school and anything else that are "musts" in your life need to be more interesting.  Going through the motions are not getting you anywhere.  It's time to make work, school and family time more interesting, come up with goals you want to achieve with each aspect of your life.

Like re-organizing your closet, get rid of what no longer serves you.  It will be very difficult to make adjustments, that is why you must start off slowly and build up.
Learn to prioritize your activities, define your tasks as:

a. Important
b. Not as important to achievement
c. It won't be the end of the world if I don't do
d. Total waste of time

By putting labels on your activities it will help you reach achievement much quicker and also help you understand the importance of what you are doing.
Start ditching the stuff that is boring and mundane and replace it with better activities that make you feel more like your accomplishing something.

Letting go of old habits and routines can be a very difficult thing.  The more you complain about things in your life, the more a change is needed and shaking up your routine is key.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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