Friday, December 2, 2011

Healing after failure

Have you ever been down in the dumps with no signs of success or happiness?

The feeling of being a total failure and being unable to do anything about a situation can lead you to a pretty dark place in your life.  I'm here to tell you that you will make it through, and it doesn't take as much effort as you think.

Last year I was faced with my wife wanting to leave me, and this was devastating me.  I can remember the night it happened.  I was awake all night thinking about the rest of my life, and it didn't look very appealing.  I couldn't figure out how I would ever continue thriving for success and happiness.  My whole life's priorities took a shift in an instant and I was terrified. I was in a very "dark place" and it lasted for months.
I tell you this not to bring you down or feel sorry for me, I'm passed that now.  The point I want to make is this, I didn't think I could ever find the success I was looking for anymore and I found my way back to working my way towards the top.

I slowly learned that the faster I wanted to move on with my life and forge ahead, the faster I would need to take my focus off the situation that was driving me down.  It doesn't matter what you are suffering from, heart ache, failure at work or loss of something meaningful, you will only heal by "shifting your focus" to what makes you heal.  It's difficult at first, maybe you can only start to focus for 30 seconds a day but eventually your focus is so intense on what makes you happy again you will not have realized that days or even months of sadness have simply melted away.

All failures big or small are simply guides to help you learn.  Learn from them and move on to the next issue in life.  You grow the more you go through but always put into action the things you learn.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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