Monday, December 19, 2011

Start trying

There's one thing I've noticed, whenever a sales contest in my company comes up and great prizes can be won people give up before they even start.  As my excitement rises and I talk to other salespeople, it seems the enthusiasm they show is next to nothing.  They've already given up saying stuff like:

"Why try I don't work enough hours?"
"The other person always wins"

Many people sabotaged their chances at opportunity and give up feeling they haven't got a chance. People tell themselves everything is stacked against them so why even try.  I'll tell you why you should try, because you could end up being the best and you could succeed and become the biggest sensation this world has ever seen but you must try.
When I first started working for the company I'm presently with, a sales contest came up for a trip.  There was one problem, the previous winner was working at a very successful location in Canada, many customers were already spending large amounts of cash with this salesperson everyday, it simply looked impossible to win.  One more thing that was stacked up against me, I had to sell a product at the time I didn't know anything about and I really didn't believe in.  To make a long story short I ended up in Jamaica and selling double what was sold in the previous contest.  I don't tell this story to show off, I tell it because everything was built up against me when I began, and I made a very important decision, that was to TRY!

The second you decide to try something that's out of your comfort zone, you start to become a different person.  You start thinking differently, acting differently and turn into an automatic winner, I say winner because your at least TRYING.  So what if you don't achieve what your trying the first time, it could take you 25 tries to get what you want,  it's possible that it takes you 100 times to get what you want.  If you keep at it, the rest will get tired of trying and eventually you will get it.

Next time an opportunity comes your way, decide to try.  Tell yourself you will win, everybody wants fame and glory.  If you have no idea how you could compete against other people for a major opportunity, realize this one great thing: 


Become great!

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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