Sunday, December 11, 2011

The question to ask yourself

We all like to play with bad things that hurt us over and over again.  People, crazy lifestyles, poor health and risky behavior are really, really fun things to do!  Although, the second were done having fun we always live to regret it.

-Someone keeps hurting you and you swear that you'll never go near this person again.
-You party to much one night and you swear your never going to have another drink again.
-You get an unhealthy report from your doctor and you swear you will change your unhealthy ways to a life of health.
-Or you simply do some dumb move, that you knew wasn't a good idea and you swear your never going to make a dumb move again.

We all know what happens though, we always go back and hurt ourselves again with the same people, situations and risky behavior.  I understand why we do this but I'm not sure if you are aware.  As dumb humans we are always searching for a "higher state".  This is why we always do things that help us achieve a feeling we are not presently feeling in that moment, we're just never satisfied.  And this is fine, I'll be the first to admit I'm this way, I seek out things that hurt me all the time and I do this because they feel so good knowing I shouldn't be doing them, and I know you do it to.  I'm here to say it's fine to get a little crazy, but sometimes we need to know how to draw the line, notice I didn't say when to draw the line (that's to serious). 

When I'm getting a little out of control, I always ask myself this question:

"What I'm I trying to get out of this?"

And at the point I ask myself that simple question, it stops me dead in my tracks and I usually end up stopping the behavior I'm doing right in that moment.

Instead of living with days of regret ask yourself that simple question when things are getting a little to crazy, and I almost guarantee you will stop and think before you make things worse for yourself.  It's a magic question that has gotten me out of many sticky situations which I have found myself in more that I'd like to admit

Stay motivated
Shane C

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