Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get over your bullies

Are you living someone else's opinion?

Do you remember being in school and having people bully you about something?  If you were ever bullied, your self confidence becomes affected so negatively that eventually you start to believe it.

In school I had terrible acne, it was on my face, back and shoulders and people bothered me about it a lot.  They bothered me so much that I hated going swimming because I had to take my shirt off. My self esteem was so low I couldn't talk to anyone without thinking all they would only judge me only by how my skin looked.  I started bodybuilding when I was 17 years old and could not even show anyone my results due to the fear I had.  Do you want to know why this fear was so ridiculous?  My skin cleared up when I was 20.  I continued living with a shame and fear for about 11 years that was totally imaginary, and all because I started to believe what people told me many years ago.  I'm 33 now and have built up great confidence that I rarely think about those days anymore.

All the results up to this point in your life are an accumulation of your beliefs and actions.  Many of us are living a total lie because someone affected us many years ago with what THEY thought of us.  We heard lies about us so many times we got brainwashed into believing in. This is all because we allowed our emotions to take over.  The second you allow emotions to control your actions and thinking your in BIG trouble.

You can change.

If you start thinking back, to your childhood and teenage years you will find out what you were bullied into believing.  Once you've figured it out, start to examine why you still believe it to this day.
All beliefs can be changed, this is a fact!  It takes some positive self talk and a bit of vision but it's fairly easy to do and there are many books on it. (email me for some names of books)

When you finish reading this in a few seconds,  start to realize you are not:

Your not any of those you simply started to believe it many years ago and envisioned yourself into becoming that.  All you must do is create the vision of the perfect you, hold it firmly in your mind and you will start to believe the positive version of yourself.  The real version of yourself is so amazing, you have no idea yet!  Once you give yourself a chance to shine you become an instant success :-)

Stay motivated
Shane C

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing your own story - powerful!