Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What to do when your mad

Do you actually prove a point when you hate someone?

If your like me, you often run into people you simply don't mix with.  You have no connection with certain people you come in contact with.  I often get this feeling along with thousands of other people, it's normal were human.
The feeling of hatred affect us physically and mentally, you often look like a maniac to others when you show hate.

When you really hate someone, you hurt yourself more than the other person.

How you come off to someone

When you're around someone you can't stand, craziness and anger run through your head, words of hate and frustration fill your mind. 
The person your upset with really has no clue that they have done anything wrong.  You seem a little cold towards them but that's all, if anything you will simply confuse them. (Men, it's the feeling you get when the women in your life are giving you the silent treatment).

What hate does to you

When you are truly angry with someone, your mind races and you can't focus on anything.  If you're a truly goal oriented person like myself, this can kill your focus. 
Your blood pressure goes sky high, your digestion shuts down and your get subject to pre-mature aging from the unnecessary stress you give yourself.

What to do about it

I could talk about forgiveness but that's losing battle most people can't truly understand.

Try this instead:
-Step number one is to shut your mind off, get control of your thinking and I'll let you know the simplest way to do this.
When something is bothers you, write it down with a pen and write exactly why you are mad.  Put everything down on paper as quickly as you can write it down.  Once your done, put the paper away and read it the next day. 
Funny thing is we can't think straight when were upset and everything you have written down will make absolutely no sense, especially if you read it out loud to yourself.  You will realize by reading your problems aloud that they really won't seem as bad as you once thought. Once you've read it, burn it or destroy it and learn to get over it. 

This is not an anger management exercise from a course I was forced to take....lol
It is simply an effective thing to do when your really mad, being mad is not a great way to feel.  You have so many great goals to achieve that you don't always have time for hate and madness. 

Do this exercise and you will feel great.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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