Saturday, December 10, 2011


In life there are people we often look up to, wishing and hoping we had things a little more like them. Their job seems better, the person they are with always seems better and their homes are always better.  Everything always looks better looking inside someone else's life.  There is a false belief that if we only had things as they did we would have more happiness and better chances at success.

Did you know the people whom you look up to are human just like you?  It's true, we all have flaws and weakness', even the most successful people in this world don't have everything in order the way you think they do.  From the outside, it only appears this way because you are choosing to see only what you want to see.
I have great news, you have everything you need right now to get you where you need to be. You do not require extra things in your life or any other special skills right at this moment to start to get more successful or reach a higher level happiness, all you require is your motivation, your positive thoughts and the self confidence you have been given to reach whatever you are trying to attain.

You may think you know yourself to well, but there is someone deep down inside of you wanting to get out and show the world who you really are.  You have these talents you haven't discovered laying dormant inside, even skills you've never explored and it's only a boring daily routine and negative self talk that keeps you from achievement.  I know you are better than negative self talk and a boring daily routine and you know it too.  Start shaking things up and trying new areas of your life.

The point I'm getting at is this, your are an amazing person who can do anything as of right now.  The only thing getting in the way is the person you think you are.  Begin to discover the person hidden deep down inside of you and one day you will become someone people wished they were like.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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