Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Become more outgoing!

Are you waiting for something great to happen in your life, maybe win the lottery, get a promotion or even expecting someone to change.
This could be the problem, your waiting.  Waiting gets you nothing, have you ever noticed when you go out to a party or out to a bar people talk to you the more outgoing you are?  You introduce yourself, ask some questions and radiate a great personality.  When you act in this manner, people seem to be drawn towards you and you have a better time. 
Then there is the other end of the spectrum, maybe you're someone that goes somewhere stands in the corner and waits for people to come towards you?  If this is the case you often notice you have less of a good time and less people talk to you.
I can tell you I've tried both to see what would happen, I can handle myself pretty good in a room full of strangers :-) .  And when I stood there in the corner, people would approach me but more out of mystery:
"Who's this guy?".  That impression, may not be what you want to give off.

I give you the party/bar example because in life if you stand in the corner waiting, you could wait forever for opportunity to seek you.  Open up your mind, towards what you want and start to make actions towards what you want to achieve.  When you work towards what you want, people appear you never noticed before, places you drove by appear you've never seen before and you notice more things in life that get you closer towards what you want to achieve.

Work towards things that you want, the more you work the better it feels when you receive it.  When an opportunity opens up for you, it ALWAYS lead to other opportunity in life and it becomes and endless cycle of greatness.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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