Thursday, August 30, 2012

You are the best!

Ever have an amazing day where everything seemed to go your way?  You label yourself:
These labels empower you to become better and you know as well as I do you love this feeling.  Then comes the day when you get knocked down and you are so quick to feel sorry for yourself and label yourself as: NOT WORTHY, LOSER, DEPRESSED, SAD, DEFEATED.

All the negative labels you give yourself are truly hurting your chances at success.  The label you give yourself will impact how you feel the rest of your day, week, month and year so always make sure to label yourself positively and not just on a temporary feeling.
The results you want in life must match the person you see yourself as, so if you see yourself in a negative way you are sure to only get negative results.
I want you to start writing out on a cue card a few positive labels that you can repeat to yourself daily.  The more you repeat to yourself what you want to be the more your mind will associate and begin to believe what you tell yourself.  This is exactly how you train your brain to see the world and yourself in a better way.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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