Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fear is not so bad

I was in WAL-MART on the weekend and I seen something that really freaked me out.  It wasn't dangerous neither was it harmful it was simply a video camera.  Why was I afraid? Because I've mentioned several times that I want this blog to incorporate video of myself as a vlog.  The very thought of putting myself on camera scares me and it seems I can't bring myself to do it.
Then I started thinking over the last year, and I've faced so many of my fears including the gut wrenching almost passing out fear of finally starting my public speaking career.  It doesn't matter how afraid I've been to try something out I've always ended up extremely satisfied when I finally faced my fears.
There is one thing I truly hate about fear and that is the 100% regret looking back on how long it's held me back from succeeding at something I was to afraid to try.
Not all fear is a bad thing, we need to have a little healthy fear to drive us to do something.  It scares us simply because of our belief that something will harm us (which is usually false).  Many performers still get stage fright even after getting up on stage for decades. 
I recently seen an interview with Ringo Starr of The Beatles who said minutes before jumping on stage his fear makes him what to go back to his hotel room and hide under the covers.  Then he simply pushes through and feels that if those few minutes of fear were not there that he could not have a good performance.
This fear keeps us on our toes and acts as a bully, trying to push us around with intimidation.  It's up to us to conquer it because nobody can do it but our own self.

I never did buy the camera, but I have it all planned for the second week of September to finally go get it.  I will face yet another fear because I'm reminded of everything I have missed out on by not starting months ago.  The pain of regret is something I choose to not live with much longer, I hope you will do the same.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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