Monday, August 27, 2012

Comfort zone

Have you ever wondered what a comfort zone is?

People are always talking about leaving your comfort zone to achieve greatness in life.  A comfort zone can be compared the same way the temperature in your home is regulated.  Lets' say for example you set your home to be at 70F and over the next few hours I lowered the heat by small increments making the room colder.  You would feel a slight discomfort and go and re-adjust the heat. Why?
Because you want a feeling of comfort, it's what you are use to.  You always try and get back to that safe feeling even when you are not in trouble.
The same would happen if I were to turn the heat up, you would turn the temperature down to the level you expect.
In life when we feel a little low we try anything to get back to our level of comfort.  Same for success, when we start feeling a sense of success we get scared and sabotage ourselves with destructive behaviours to bring ourselves back down to our expected feeling of comfort.  It seems at some point in our lives we've accepted our situation whatever it may be and we choose to no longer progress.

You may have had an idea that you wanted more out of life (like on NEW YEARS EVE).  So you start doing things a little bit differently and before you know it you are back complaining about where you are in life.
The key to changing is small changes in body language, vocabulary and daily routine (There are more but get these down first)

BODY LANGUAGE- You need to face the day with your shoulders back and your chin up.  Walk with a purpose and become what a successful person looks like. When was the last time you seen success with slouched shoulders and  a head hanging low?

VOCABULARY- When speaking, talk about what you want to do, what you are doing and where you are heading.  Remove the words (HATE, CAN'T and TIRED)  you may need to carry an index card to remind you of power words such as (I CAN, YES, I LIKE) amongst many others.

DAILY ROUTINES- We make huge mistakes with this, we watch the news, we wake up late and we gossip.  I'm guilty of spending 2 hours watching YOUTUBE videos that have nothing to do with anything.  I needed to do a little self inventory to figure this out.  You may need to monitor you own behaviour and ask yourself what parts of your routine are holding you back.

If you want to benefit from a new comfort zone you must have a higher expectation of yourself and pick up these key habits of better BODY LANGUAGE, better VOCABULARY and last but not least you need a better DAILY ROUTINE.  By doing this over the next few weeks you come to expect a better version of yourself and achieve success much quicker.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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