Friday, August 24, 2012

That one thing sleeping inside of you

You have something deep inside of you just waiting to get out.

I was awoken this morning by my two dogs, they were sleeping then all of a sudden they started running around, whining and growling.  They wanted out for their morning walk and sure enough they needed to wake me up.  As I was walking them I thought we have something deep inside us just waiting to get out.  It's our dreams and once released...WATCH OUT!

It seems that for the last 2-3 months I have put my dreams and goals on hold, I put them to sleep you could say.  Then very recently I started talking to someone who's energy and passion woke up something inside of me, and it's freaking me out because everything I had been lazy about is now alert, telling me:
"Come on!  Let's do this!"
I love the feeling I'm more energetic to reach my goals and I'm just a little annoyed with myself for putting them on hold for so long.

Inside of you right at this moment is something sleeping, the dream of a business, relationship or an opportunity, whatever it is it could just take a small trigger to get it activated again.  For me it's a person, for you it could simply be watching something inspirational, reading a quote or even seeing a sign that keeps coming to you.
Just know you are not doomed you just need that one thing to get you going again.  Start reading, hang out with better people and fill your mind with positive messages as much as you can.

Just like my 2 dogs who wake me every morning, going crazy to get out for their walk, soon it will be your dream waking you up and getting you up on your feet and you will see how great of a feeling it is.

Shane C
Stay motivated

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