Sunday, July 1, 2012

People say "You can't!"

What are your dreams and passions?

There are some things in life that make you feel like you're on top of the world.  The things that people have confirmed you are great at! All you need is time to develop that "Thang!" as speaker Victor Antonio says!

You also have people in your life that you care about, family or friends that try anything to derail you from your dreams and passions, they can make you feel like a bad person for putting yourself ahead of them.  They put a suggestion in your ear that maybe you should put things on hold because one area of your life is weak and you need to put in more effort and leave your dreams alone for awhile.

I have seen to many people in my life live out other peoples dreams and it makes me sick!  You are not a bad person for pursuing your intrests and building a better version of yourself!  Be great at what you love to do, and the day you second guess your love over what someone tells you is the day you should work twice as hard on what you love!  It's time to turn a hobby into a career!

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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