Sunday, August 26, 2012

4 ideas for motivations

This past week I was fortunate enough to attend a great conference allowing me to network with some amazing positive people.  It was 6 days of non- stop events that really got me excited.  Yet on the last day everyone left, I was alone and a little lonely.  As I was walking up to my room something clicked, I needed to get motivated again to peruse my passions.

I sat down at the desk in my hotel room with a paper and a pen and started writing, I wrote for about 45 minutes, then I read it.  It was something I  had written many times but this time it was different.  The paper was filled with one of my favorite motivation techniques.  I wrote out my life story in present tense, everything I wanted I had it on paper, everything I wanted to do it was right there on paper.

I use several things to motivate myself but for me writing out exactly what I want in the form of a story is my favorite.  Here are a few key motivators you may find extremely useful when you hit the wall and feel unsuccessful and unmotivated.

1.  WRITE OUT YOUR STORY- As stated above write out everything you want out of life, no rules do not use your past as an excuse for not writing something.  You have imagination, now use it!

2.  VISION BOARD- Vision boards have helped me attain things I never thought were possible.  Grab some magazines, newspapers or print some pictures off the Internet.  Cut out pictures and words and glue them on a piece of cardboard, remember to use images that stimulate positive ideas.  Post your vision board somewhere you see it often.  I used a different technique, I would sit at my kitchen table looking at the board for 10 minutes daily at the beginning of my day.

3.  SEEK OUT- Know exactly what you want then go find anything associated with it.  If your dream is to have the greatest physique, attend bodybuilding and fitness shows to get you pumped up.  Speak to people who are in the area of interest you are seeking out.  When you put yourself on the front lines of excitement it really gets you motivated to become what you see.

4.  CLEAR YOUR MIND- I like to clear my mind by going on a walk, and listening to music that makes me forget about anything negative.  I've used meditation, exercise or going to see a movies.  Clear your mind of those self limiting thoughts and you will be right back on your game.

There are several ways to get yourself highly motivated, we are all different and respond differently to different techniques.  Key is have fun and get happy and this will bring the highest motivation out of you.
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Stay motivated
Shane C

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