Saturday, September 1, 2012

Obstacles are only one part

Yesterday afternoon I was speaking with someone who told me they want to go to school to begin a career that could potentially change their life.  I seen her face light up as she spoke about her dreams until she suddenly gave up because she had the excuse:
"But I don't have the money"
And just like that her dream was gone.  All to often we look at obstacles first and dreams last.  We are all guilty of this I often do it with time.  I often worry months in advance if something will interfere with a schedule I may have 3 months down the road.  The fact is when you truly want something your actions will get you there.

We miss out on our dreams by not even taking the first step towards something and that leaves us standing still in life.  As the years go by we often regret not going after what we wanted, because in the future it's much easier to see all the possibilities we have missed.  By looking only at our obstacles we forget about all the little things we could be doing to get us towards are dream like sharpening our skills, networking and simply just gaining as much knowledge as possible getting us towards what we want to do.

Whether your dreams are to improve your career, relationship, finances, etc.....Know there are obstacles but there are also possibilities and ways to get ahead that get you over obstacles.  It's a matter of trying, sometimes failing but getting better day by day on your way to success.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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