Saturday, September 15, 2012

Secret to success

Last night I was reviewing on of my favorite seminars by Jim Rohn (The man who taught Anthony Robbins) and he explained the secret to success.  It isn't a difficult process, it doesn't even take meditation or affirmations.  It's very simple, it's doing the right things over and over again.
Success is all about taking the tiny steps every single day and continuing with them day in and day out.  Failure is also very easy to attain, it's neglecting the the right things day after after day, it's a simple formula.  The simple things in life often get neglected because they are so simple that we expect success to be a journey filled with complex routines.

I was recently at a company dinner and the president's wife stood to speak about the first store in the company and how her mother made it a success.  Her mother spoke to customers, took time to listen and even baked snacks for customers and it was a successful store!  That's it, no bells. no whistles, no fancy sales trainers or psychological re-wiring. 

I know if your reading a blog on success you must be intelligent, am I right?  If you answered yes (hoping you did) it's time to take responsibility for your own neglect and accept it.  Today is a new day and all you need to do is start with little steps to get you closer to success, starting with right now!

Stay motivated
Shane C

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