Thursday, September 27, 2012

Figure yourself out

Have you ever met someone in life who just can't seem to succeed at what they have been doing for quite some time?  Maybe this person is you, is there something you just can't seem to get right, like a hobby, business or some aspect of your personal life?

It's happened to me and not because I didn't give it my all but because it wasn't the right "thing" for me.  I can remember trying to become an expert at computers, I wanted to learn how they worked and all the ins and outs. After trying to figure them out it didn't matter how hard I tried I kept losing interest and I wasn't progressing in the field I was perusing.  A year or two went by and I started to experiment with social media and blogging and it turned out I had a knack for it.  I was approached by a few people to do work for them and that was my stepping stone.
I have a creative mind and I hate tradition rules and this is one reason I wasn't very good at getting to learn computers.  The whole step by step process and needing to do the same thing really bored me.  The day I discovered I could use computers in an entirely different way I found my strength and dropped my weakness and have been working at it ever since.

I've discovered three different types of personalities we can be strong in look at the following and take inventory of yourself to find out which you may be the strongest at:
1. TALENT- (Creative, different, artistic)
2. LEADER- (Dominant, influential, authoritative)
3. ENTREPRENEUR (Risk taker, motivated, focused)

We all have aspects of each of these but there is one in which we shine.  We must embrace our strengths and work with it.
Ask yourself what is it I'm perusing in life? And is it matching with your strength?  If after careful consideration you decided it isn't you may need to look at what you are doing in a whole new light.  I'm not saying immediately drop your chosen path but it may help you to understand your struggle in which you have been suffering from for some time.
Just because you think you should be doing something does not always mean you should.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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