Monday, September 3, 2012

Reaching your vision faster

A few years ago I won a sales contest that seemed 100% unattainable.  I was fairly new to my industry and not familiar with my product, and in sales knowing your product and having confidence are the cornerstone of being the best.  However the prize (A trip to Jamaica) was all I needed to hear to get my creative juices flowing.
I wanted this vacation so badly I was willing to use every technique to win.  I employed the art of visualization everyday, seeing myself on the beaches, getting off the plane and enjoying the night life.  After 3 months I had not only won the contest but doubled the sales of what second place had achieved.  I 100% give credit to visualization.
Visualization is such an important tool if you ever want to reach your dreams.  Seeing yourself in the situation you want gets you there without you even knowing it.  Close your eyes or simply use your imagination and daydream of being right where you want to be.

Often times we daydream about what we want and don't seem to achieve what we want on our own timeline.  The key to speeding up this process is mixing emotion with the vision you want.  Excitement, happiness and joy truly accelerate the process of getting you what you want.
What if you can't feel that much emotion?  This is simply where time plays a factor, if you stick with the process long enough you get what you want by implanting the exact things in your mind you want and that way it's easier to spot them in your everyday life.  Mixing in intense emotion only speeds up the process.

Now ask yourself what is it I want more than anything in my life right now?  When you have the answers start your visualization program, you can do it in as little as 5 minutes first thing in the morning or as long as 2 hours a day in split sessions.  It's your imagination now use it to it's full potential because it's not only a fun tool but a very effective tool in achieving anything you want in life.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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