Thursday, September 6, 2012

How do you talk to yourself?

The way we speak about our success is vitally important to our well being and how quickly we achieve what we are going after.  We must talk to ourselves very confidently and know with certainty that we are going to achieve what we are going after.  I will let you in on the three common mistakes we make when talking to ourselves that get us looking at our success in a negative light.  This goes for anything from career right up to relationships.

Talking about the hard road ahead
We talk about the difficulties in using up our time and effort in order to get what we want. A great example is telling yourself a new relationship takes months to develop, the difficulties that lie ahead and even all the cornerstones you will need to develop along the way.
Focus on how great the journey will be the skills and experiences you will develop.  Think of your time as an investment instead of a burden.

Talking about how things will change
We talk about how things can't remain the same.  I understand preparing for the difficult times, yet we often refuse to even make any progress for we think it will all be taken from us in a frightening way.  A good example is in business we always like to think of the successful fruitful times yet fear the bad times like running out of clients, economy and staffing.
Know things never remain the same, yet why not look at the positive strides you will make along your journey.  And if you put in a great work ethic from the beginning you will always be a success.

Talking about what people will think
We talk about how our loved ones will be jealous of our success, how we will need to isolate ourselves because people will only talk negatively towards us.  We tend to do this when thinking about making more money.
Think about the supportive people that will be in your life.  The people in your life who truly are behind you do support your every move in you achieving greatness.

Sometimes it can really help to write out your negative views on paper and review them a day or two later.  Read them aloud because hearing how ridiculous your negativity is towards your own self you may come to realize you are simply feeling sorry for yourself.  Follow up your negative statements with a more positive empowering statement.  Right now at this moment ask yourself what have you been talking yourself out of doing?  And use my 3 examples to steer yourself into the right direction.

Stay motivated
Shane C

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