Monday, June 27, 2011

Chasing two rabbits

Picture me letting two rabbits loose in your backyard.

Go ahead picture it

Now, I ask you to catch both of them.  How would you do it?  You would need to put all your focus on one rabbit at a time.  If you spend your time trying to catch both at once, you will run forever.  Like chasing two wild rabbits, many people think they must chase all kinds of dreams to get ahead. The problem when chasing too many dreams and oppritunities at once is while you chase one dream another gets away exactly like chasing two rabbits.

We are all blessed with things we love to do, and things we are excellent at.  So why not put intense focus on these things?  Myself, I love sales, motivation and goal setting.  I am choosing to put most of my focus towards these subjects.  Ultimatley, this will blossom into writting books, proffesional speaking and a  YOUTUBE channel. Now, something very interesting may be presented to me, but why abandant what I'm working so hard to achieve?
If you are working on something, get great at it, take the time to learn the ropes, make the mistakes and one day you may find yourself being the best in the world at what you do.  It sounds like a far stretch doesn't it?  Well you won't figure out how good you are going to get if you keep changing your proffesion, your interests and dreams.  Yes, you will get bored doing what you are doing...This is why you must shake things up, read something new, seek out new techniques to learn and develop the new habits.

What I'm telling you is to get extremly good at one thing.  Put forth such an intense focus towards what you love and presue your passion.

Today's action:
Ask yourself these questions:

What am I good at?
Is anyone making money doing my passion?
If not, can I?
How can I improve what I'm good at?
What can I read to get better at this?

Come to understand, it will take time to get to the top.  It will be hard, yet YOU can make it work.  Kick yourself in the ass!  Get started on your passion.  You will start at the bottom and you will need to learn everything along the way.  The payoff in the end is going to be worth it..

"All masters were once disasters"- remember this quote when you are down.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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