Friday, June 10, 2011

Which emotion are you looking to beat?

Yesterday I went over the emotions that led you towards failure, today I explain the emotions and what needs to be done to overcome them so you can get right back on track!

1.  Frustration

Frustration often hits when you set your goal to high or make it unrealistic.  It also sets in when your having low self confidence with a feeling that you are inadequate for the goal you are setting.

What should you do?Have more practical goals vs. perfectionist goals.  If your like me, you always want to be the best!  Problem is, in your head you have your own picture of what the best should be and not what "the best" means to others.  If you look to always be perfect you are sure to hit the frustration wall very quickly.  Again, when your thinking "THE BEST", you may already be the best to everybody else.

2.  Aggressiveness (misdirected)

Aggressiveness is not a strange behavior, it is 100% normal.  The issue is when it's misdirected.  If you yell at objects or people who have nothing to do with the situation that got you agitated you know it's misdirected.

What should you do?When you feel this coming on, you need to release it.  Exercise, go for a run or even rearrange the furniture in your home.  Anything that gets your body moving will release excess energy.  Go crazy but use that "crazy" in a good way and don't scare people off.  In my opinion the best way to burn up that aggression is work harder towards your goal with even more gusto!

3.  Insecurity

This is based upon an inner feeling of being inadequate, like you just don't measure up to your imagined self or against someone else.

The best way to overcome this:You need to get off your high horse and stop looking for perfection, nothing or no one is perfect.  It may seem that way at times when insecurity sets in.  This is where you need to observe what you believe to be perfection, and observe what is making you insecure.

4.  Loneliness

The feeling of loneliness is a normal emotion to experience at times, after all we are all human.  It's the feeling of chronic loneliness where you feel totally alienated by everybody around you that can be problem.

Best way to overcome this:Loneliness is a way of self protection, it guards you against being humiliated and hurt by other people.  The feeling of fear of communicating with others.  You need to start to socialize, learn something that will get you interacting with others.  Once you interact with people that fear melts away, people are not that scary!

5.  Uncertainty

This is a way of avoiding making mistakes and rarely making a decision.  It's also a way of avoiding responsibility at all costs.

What should you do?Come to the realization that you need to make mistakes!  I'm going to leave it at that.  Now get out there and start making mistakes, you can't grow without a mistake here and there.

6.  Resentment

This is one that you probably run into daily.  This personality blames everybody but themselves for all there failures.  Almost like a child that constantly wines about things not being fair.  They resent everybody else's success and happiness wanting only the worst for everyone else.
The way to get over this:
People who are resentful need to realize that it is only caused by a reaction or an emotion.  They are letting others dictate how they feel.  And until they can come to the realization that they must become master of their own emotions they cannot overcome resentment.

7.  Emptiness

Many people who reach the top often feel that it's nothing like they thought.  People have expectations that are very high and once they get where they thought they wanted to be it isn't enough, they loss all hope.  This is emptiness.

The way to get over this:
Life is not one big treadmill.  You will once day come to realize that your routine is sort of like a big treadmill.  Get up, go to work, go to bed and start over.  The weekend gets here you relax and Monday is right around the corner.  Life never needs to be like this. It is not up to me to tell you which activities are out there for you to choose, re-read this blog of you can't figure it out.

You've got the tools to get over your demon emotions.  Now get out there and take on the world!

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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