Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting to the basics

I wanted to create a small blog on motivating you and others around you.  Seems like a simple task, post some motivational quotes and add a famous persons name beside it then I would get the credit for that quote.
Well the sad truth is this is used over and over again.  I've used it and the people I look up to use it.  It's used and abused.  It works great, don't get me wrong you read it and an hour later you forget about it.  I don't want to use this anymore, I want to show you more practical ways to use your time. 
Here is my basic concept, I will let you know daily how I'm using ways in my life and with others to motivate.

Today's basic motivator is setting a goal for yourself.  We all need to set goals for ourselves yet we put it off or we get discouraged much too soon.  Well no more!  I'm going to make this simple for you.

Today, write down a goal.  Be specific, exactly the one thing you want and when you want it by.  This way your mind will be more focused on the task.  Please, for your own sanity, make it something attainable.

Example:  My sales will be $80 000 for the month of June 2011.

This is very simple to do.  Go ahead and get it done.  I'll write out your next step tomorrow. 

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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