Monday, June 6, 2011

A word of caution

Welcome to a new week and a new start!

There is a good thing with life and goal setting, everyday you get a brand new start.

Today's little blog is something that can make you or break you very quickly.  It's the topic of letting others around you know what your goal is.  Should you or should you not let people know what you are going after?  My take is, be cautious who you tell.  Why?  If you haven't noticed there are people in your life that don't want you to rise above where you presently are.  It takes them out of their comfort zone, they want to help you by telling you why you can't do something.  Learn to respect what they say and then carry on towards the top.
The people you should tell are mentors, role models and loved ones.  Again, be cautious.  If you tell family, they will tell you every reason why you can't, while mentors will tell you the best ways to succeed and what doesn't work.  Notice the difference, you want to tell people who will guide you towards the top and what didn't work for them. 

Learn to not argue with negative influences, it can only bring you down.  Learn to find the people who will bring you up and motivate you to do better.  An easy equation:


Today's action:

Go find yourself a spiral notebook or a beautiful leather bound journal.  Anything you can write in. This way you can journal every positive, strength building thought why and how to get to the top!!

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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