Sunday, June 19, 2011

Most of the time

I received an e mail the other day asking me: How can I follow your advice and not live a boring life? There is one aspect I may have forgotten to mention.

 I believe Napoleon Hill said: "You become what you think of most of the time."

That quote says it all, do the important things most of the time.  Anything that will be achieved that can be associated to greatness can be attributed to using a large chunk of one's time.  You can look at the science of losing weight.  You must eat clean, most of the time.  You must exercise routinely and you must maintain sanity by giving yourself cheat meals one day a week.  Notice the cheat meals are one day a week and not most of the time.  If you do not eat clean most of the time, the weight will not come off.

Remember your focus, efforts and thoughts need to be towards your goal most of the time to achieve what you want.  Again, using weight loss as an example, if you think you are fat most of the time...You remain fat most of the time! :-)

Today's action:
In your journal, write out all the times you are totally focused and action oriented towards your goal.  We do not want to write out the negative thinking, this will only put your focus towards the negative.  Always catch yourself doing great.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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