Saturday, June 25, 2011

What opportunity are you saying to yourself "I'll think about it"?

I sell vitamins, weight loss miracles and all kinds of great health supplements.  Every day I see people come in telling me exactly what they want, they need a solution to their problems.  They need to increase their health, lose weight and get more energy.  I don't even ask them this, customers come in desperately wanting a solution to these problems.  I walk over to the shelf and give them the best supplement that will match their need, and the next thing that happens is I hear "I'll think about it".

I'm telling you about this because it almost seems as if some people are afraid to take the road to success in their work, health and relationships.  We all know what we want, and we all know the things we need to do yet we put it off and say: "I'll think about it".   Then we sit down and think and think and think some more.  I've learned there is a huge difference between doing and thinking.  Doing will get you much further much faster.

Think of what you are missing out on right now as you are thinking about doing something.  Eventually, you will miss out on opportunity, time or it could become too discouraging the longer you think and wait.  You must start immediately to do one thing your thinking of trying.  Don't tell yourself, I'll start Monday, do it right now in one hour get started, one small act and then add another act and another.  The next thing you will notice is that you will have reached your goals in your health, carrier and relationships.

Today's action:

Put things in prospective write down:

1.  What I'm a missing by not achieving my goal?

2.  How will I fell once I achieve my goal?

3.  What will I be able to do once my goal is reached?

Just a note- The customers that say: "I'll think about it", on average come back years later depressed more overweight and having compromised health.  Their new life could have begun with the purchase of a simple multivitamin, don't let yourself think about something when the opportunity is starring you right in the face.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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