Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shrink your problems

Mo' money mo' problems! - See that quote even says if you have lots of money you have even more problems.  Unfortunately, problems are a part of life whether you are a HUGE success or working your way to become a success.  With that said, there is a simple way to see past those problems and keep moving forward.
First, I want you to replace the word "problem" to temporary setback.  In reality everyday things like money, people and stress are just setbacks that last temporarily.  I know what your thinking, your "problems" are different.  This is true, but once observed closely you will realize it's only temporary and when you start to look past it, you can find happiness and motivation.
So how do you shrink your problems?  Stop starring at them all day long.  The more you look at problems the more you tend to talk to yourself and come up with angry responses.  I know you do this...You tend to dwell on your problems all day long as oppose to thinking about the solution, what you really what to accomplish?
Let me put this in terms most of you can understand, have you ever gone to the washroom and gotten upset because someone has forgotten to replace the empty roll of toilet paper?  This makes a lot of people very angry.  The blame game begins and angry thoughts rush through your mind.  Good news, you have 2 choices:
1.  You can stare at the empty roll and blame whomever for not changing it and make yourself very angry.

2.  You can recognize there is no more toilet paper and change the roll.  No more fuss!

The point I'm making is you know what you want- toilet paper, it serves you no purpose complaining about the problem, get to the solution.  Always seek out the goal and when a problem gets in your way figure out how to solve it.
Always think with a paper and pen, write down questions, answers and the solutions you think may work.  Write out every possibility you can and maybe by chance you could solve your biggest setbacks!

Now stop thinking about toilet paper and get going :-)

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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