Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reward your effort

How far away or how close does it feel before you achieve your goal?

We can all use a small boost every now and then to get us through the next level of our game.  Make sure along your journey you set yourself some "sub-goals".  These will be the small efforts that get you that much closer to the top.

Along with some of these smaller goals, sit down today and write yourself out the rewards you would like to give yourself each time you reach a goal.  I'm unable to let you know exactly which rewards will motivate you but here are a few examples:

- An article of clothing
-Treating yourself to dinner
-A small weekend get-away
-An ice cream cone (that you never allow yourself to have)
-A movie
-A spa day

These are only small examples, if you are not motivated by these tiny rewards make sure to find yourself some that get you more excited.

Today's action step:
Write out some small rewards you would like to give yourself and then associate them to some small goals.

Have fun with this one :-)

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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