Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life with blinders on

Have you ever stopped doing something you love because a friend or someone close to you criticized you?
Many of us get discouraged by the people around us.  Our focus tends to be on "What will they think and say?".  This is a 100%  negative way of thinking.  We  tend to base our every move on others opinions.
Sometimes you have to go through life with "blinders" on.  If you've ever seen a race horse you will know what I mean.  Blinders keep the horse focused on what is ahead and ensures it doesn't get distracted by events or distractions that are going on around him.  It is now time to put your "blinders" on? 
Always protect yourself against the rumors, negative conversations and people that put you down.  This negativity unfortunately goes on everyday, it can paralyse you with embarrassment if you hear or even if you think you hear your name being critizied.
You should be motivated to do even better if  you overhear negativity towards you.  Crying and throwing in the towel get you no closer to your goal.  If an emotion of discouragement comes over you, recognize it and quickly go forward, put those blinders on.

Everyday work towards that goal and ask yourself: "Would my grandchildren be proud of what I am doing?"  Always have something to measure yourself up against, if you are not measure your progress against something you cannot realize how far you've come.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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