Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to school

Today's topic will be so important to your improvement it mustn't be missed. 
I can remember when I was in school we were always told to review our notes when we didn't have any homework.  As a student, I was always looking up to the kids who excelled. They reviewed their notes, had study methods and really pushed themselves to do better.  Now that I'm out of high school, I'm not being graded by teachers and I'm not focused on passing the next grade.  I am focused on reaching the top and doing my best, but I don't have teachers anymore that tell me to do the work.  The day you turn into a grown up nobody is there to push you anymore.  You must push yourself to find "the homework" to get ahead and be better than the rest.
You have to take stock day-by-day and week-by-week of your progress.  Review your journal, see how you succeeded and where you feel short over the last week.  By doing this you are to come up with a plan to improve you short comings and how you can keep your success up all through this week.  Just like in school you must review your notes.

Todays' action:

Answer these questions
What were you really great at last week?
What day were you very lazy and why?
How can you improve this week?
What did you learn last week that you will put to use this week?

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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