Friday, July 1, 2011

Why people throw out the instructions

Has it ever seemed like you hit the lowest point in life where all you wanted was the answer to solve your problems?

Well I have amazing news for you!  The answers are out there, and most of the time they are free of charge.  You can simply GOOGLE a question and get the answers on exactly what steps need to be taken. You can even ask someone who has been through the same problem as you or you could simply read a book that holds the answers to your problem.  Most books are written by experts on the subjects they write.
This is fantastic news!!

It seems once we have the solution to a complicated problems, we automatically reject the concept from our mind or worse, procrastinate the solution.   As humans we always think we can re-invent the wheel.  We never seem to follow great advice from the right people. On the other hand, we tend to quickly  find every problem that could lie in successful solutions.  We always think there is an easier way. If there were really easy solutions, problems would not exist.
A fantastic example is in a book I read last year called BILLIONAIRE SECRET TO SUCCESS.  It is written by Bill Bartmann- This man is totally self made, he went from poor to rich to poverty in the end becoming a billionaire.  What I like about this book is that he explains the mind set you must have and solutions to all kinds of problems.  Then, 1/4 of the book is written activity that YOU must complete.  How many people do you think take the time to follow Bill's advice?  How many people do you think fill out the written assignment?  The answer, not many and I'm one of them. I was reviewing the book and nothing was filled out...Oops!  I can imagine how far I could have been  ahead right now if only I would have put in that work.  This really made me think, I must put in the work, and it will pay off. 

Why don't you make the efforts in life to follow advice from mentors and role models.  They know what they are talking about.  They are successful because they put in the work, and they want to see you succeed.  You must succeed or at least put in effort, the effort you put in will be worth it more than the regret you will feel for not trying.

Today's action:

Google a problem you are having, then when a reliable source gives you the solution go ahead and do what they tell you to.  I think at this point in your life you will be mature enough to know the difference between good advice and bad advice.  If Google proves to be the wrong avenue for you, go buy a book with your next paycheck and read it.
This is good advice go ahead and do it.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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