Sunday, July 3, 2011

One time to be lazy

There will come a time when you start to get better at what you are doing.  Getting arrogant, and dropping routines is the beginning of the end.  Always stick to your plan.

We always love to test boundaries, we like seeing how far we can get without suffering any consequences.  I see this often when selling weight loss supplements.  Customers come in complaining the weight just won't come off.  They always claim they do everything correctly, although when I lay down the basic weight loss rules and ask more in depth questions, I find out they tested to many boundaries.  A cheat meal here, a missed workout there and a lack of water.  All these little things  add up to colossal failure in the end. 
Ask yourself this, how much fiber did you eat today?  It is very important to take in extra fiber, yet  most people come up with excuses why they don't.
"It's too hard"
                                  "I don't like it"
                                  "It makes me feel uncomfortable"
These types of excuses are the same when it comes to eating fiber or going the extra mile at work.  All excuses are the same!

It's time to start paying more attention to what you are leaving out on your way to your goal. 
This goes for weight loss goals all the way up to career goals, it applies to every kind.  Pay attention to everything you do.
All goals have natural laws you must follow, no shortcuts.  Stick to your plan, write it down and review your actions offend.  This way you can see where it is your going wrong.  Small mistakes made over and over lead to failure.  If you can prevent yourself from obvious failure it's a wise move.

If you allow yourself to be a little lazy. leave it to one day per week only.  Habits take 21 days to develop if in that 21 days you go off course, you must start another 3 weeks of this habit building.  So be cautious, your time is precious. 

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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