Monday, July 25, 2011

What are you good at?

Have you ever wondered how to deal with your weakness in the workplace?

We all have talents we are naturally better at than others.  Some people are very gifted when it comes to writing, time management, marketing and organization.  The same people who are gifted in certain areas also have things they are horrible at.

I feel I can communicate well verbally, I have great sales abilities and can be quite thorough in paying attention to small details. There are many things that I'm lousy at though, the list is a mile long. I have learned not to focus on the weakness as much as the strengths.  I have a staff that helps me out in my areas where I am weak.  If I know they are strong in certain areas, I can utilize them for what I lack.

There is a key thing to understand in the workplace and in life.  Know your strengths and be aware of your weakness.  Focus on the strengths and simply be aware where you are weak.  Nobody is great at everything, professionals excel in certain areas and so should you.  Stop panicking and trying to learn the areas you can't understand.  Simply work tirelessly on what you are good at.

Henry Ford, was once put on trial and asked several simple questions to see how intelligent he was.  After a series of questions he could not answer, he simply explained that if he wanted the answers to these questions, he could simply press a button and have the answers given to him by someone who would know the answer. Today we have Google :-)

Today's action:

In your journal or on a piece of paper write out 5 things your are great at.  This can be in your career, hobbies, etc...Anything your good at.  Now ask yourself, can these serve me any purpose, if yes figure out how to develop them more.
If you cannot figure out what you are great at, look to your boss, family members or even close friends.

Stay motivated
Shane C.

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